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City of Winnipeg Surge Tower
Cartier Water Treatment Plant
Roblin Water Treatment Plant

Gateway meets the special challenges presented by the construction of industrial facilities with technical exactness and attention to detail. The huge cast-in-place concrete structure for the Brandon Wastewater Treatment Plant, the massive structural steel installation at the Hydro Precipitator foundation.

Some of the fine examples in our Industrial portfolio include:

  • Brandon Waste Treatment Facility
  • Gilbert Plains Water Treatment Plant
  • Maple Leaf Water Treatment Plant
  • Bissett Gold Mining Facility
  • Canadian Armed Forces Hangar Door Replacement

"I would like to commend Gateway Construction on the fine concrete workmanship and quality control demonstrated. Despite the volume, complexity and size, high quality workmanship was always maintained."

--Alfred Beghin, Supervisor, City of Brandon
(Brandon Water Treatment Plant, $5 million)

"The administration of paperwork including shop drawings, project changes, progress billings, as built drawings and owners manuals were timely and the project was completed. Manitoba Hydro received excellent service from Gateway during the construction of this project and recommend using Gateway for future projects."

--A. DiFrangia, Project Manager, Manitoba Hydro
(Laurie River Baily Bridge Replacement, $501,000)

1City of Winnipeg Surge Tower $3,600,000
2Cartier Water Treatment Plan $4,600,000
3Roblin Water Treatment Plan $4,100,000