Bridges & Structures

Saskatchewan River Bridge Rehabilitation
Maryland Twin Bridge Rehabilitation
Fort Gary Bridges Rehabilitation
Fort Gary Bridges Rehabilitation

Drawing on staff with over 50 years bridge-building experience, Gateway Construction & Engineering has been actively engaged in the rehabilitation, reconstruction, and replacement of bridges as well as the construction of totally new bridges. Projects have ranged from the conventional construction of structural concrete and steel superstructure rehabilitation, to the inspection of the jacking of superstructures, monitoring load transfers on member strengthening, and the removal of hazardous and contaminated materials from construction sites. Our experience includes the full scope of bridge construction, from foundations to superstructure on a variety of project types - simple spans, multi-span river crossings, and specialty structures (cast-in-place, pre-stressed and post-tensioned concrete), including outfall and intake structures, lift stations, surge towers and parkades.

Significant Projects:

  • Brandon Bridge over Assiniboine River
  • Plum River Bridge
  • Bridge Restoration
    • 2 Bridges on Maryland - Assiniboine River
    • 2 Bridges on Bishop Grandin - Red River
    • PTH 59/44 overpass rehabilitation

Gateway recognizes the importance of bridges in our society and has been able to meet the most stringent construction schedules and performance requirements.

"The positive, professional, and skilful manner in which Gateway Construction and Engineering Ltd. completed work on the rehabilitation of the westbound structure of the Fort Garry Twin Bridges as scheduled was a tremendous benefit to the City of Winnipeg and provided the basis for this contract to be extended to include the eastbound structure as well, something the City had never previously done."

--Randy Fingas, Bridge Projects Engineer
(Bishop Grandin - Red River Bridges, Winnipeg, MB, $14.4 million)

1Saskatchewan River Bridge Rehab $1,600,000
2Maryland Twin Bridge Rehab $5,500,000
3Fort Gary Bridges Rehab $14,000,000