Our Team

Gateway Construction & Engineering Ltd. is made up of a diverse mix of people who thrive on getting the job done right every time, for all of our clients, regardless of project size. Our passion, commitment, experience and integrity are a central part of every project we deliver. Knowing you’re building for future generations encourages the long-term thinking needed for a quality project every time. We combine stability and experience with young, energetic management, aggressive pricing, and advanced construction strategies. 

With a solid 50 years of lessons learned and continuous experience means that we’ve been building on our expertise, expanding our knowledge, and renovating our skills and specialties. Whether it’s our Estimators, Project Managers or Supervisors, all have decades of experience and an exposure to a wide variety of projects so you know you are dealing with professionals who conquer tasks with confidence. 

Early on you will see the personal touch and care we give to each client, and each project, regardless of whether it’s large or small. Start the conversation and you will quickly see the expertise at your disposal.

With our focus on scheduling efficiency and minimizing cost to the client, Gateway meets our clients’ needs and surpasses expectations. Rather than contract out for carpentry and concrete trades, Gateway self performs these critical elements of the job keeping the cost to the client cost effective while always maintaining our high standards.

Over 45 Years of Experience & A Strong Reputation Across Manitoba