City of Winnipeg Surge Tower

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Water Treatment Plant

Deloraine, Manitoba

Cartier Regional Water Co-op (WTP)

Cartier, Manitoba

Adelaide Hydro Station

Notre Dame Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Gateway meets the special challenges presented by the construction of industrial projects with technical exactness and attention to detail. Drawing on staff with over 50 years heavy construction experience, Gateway has experienced everything from large scale cast-in-place and pre-cast concrete buildings and structures, water treatment plants, equipment tunnels, structural steel towers and catwalks, pre-fabricated building installation and many others.

“I would like to commend Gateway Construction on the fine concrete workmanship and quality control demonstrated. Despite the volume, complexity and size of contract, high quality workmanship was always maintained”

Alfred Beghin, Supervisor, City of Brandon, Brandon Water Treatment Plant

“Throughout the project Gateway Construction, its subcontractors and specifically Marc Baril endeavored to make this project successful. Gateway was willing to to jump in to help provide meaningful and productive solutions”

Roger Easton, Project Manager, HB Construction Ltd., Adelaide Substation, Winnipeg, Manitoba

“At this time we would extend our appreciation to Gateway Construction for their cooperation and satisfactory completion of the contract work for the steel support structure and foundation for unit No.5 Precipitator”

L.T Moffat, Project Engineer, Manitoba Hydro, Brandon Generating Station

Cartier Regional Water Co-op (Water Treatment Plant)